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Lennox Island First Nation
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May to October 15
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Featured Artists

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Mete has worked with silver jewelry for almost 40 years. For the last 25 years he has been designing his own line of traditional Native and contemporary sterling jewelry, including rings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and hand woven chains. He uses the best quality silver (.925) and a variety of beautiful stones and shells.

Mete's contemporary line of jewelry is innovative and elegant, featuring clean lines and rare and unusual stones and shells collected from around the world. His traditional native line features turquoise, coral, lapis and malachite set in settings featuring traditional design and totem symbols.

Chief Charlie Sark,
Ash Splint Baskets

Basket making is an art I learned from the Elders and artisans of the basket making community. Being Mi'kmag, I was able to observe and learn basket making from the many adults who took their time to explain the numerous methods of creating hand woven ash splint baskets. The main material used is black ash. Other woods can be used but black ash is preferred because of its high moisture content and pliability.

Preparing the wood is the most time consuming and labour intensive of all the steps in the basket weaving process. Once the wood is prepared to the correct width and thickness for the size and style of a specific basket, the artisan begins the weaving and assembly of his creation. I take pride in being able to preserve and pass on to others this wonderful bit of Mi'kmag culture.

The spirit of our ancestors lives on in our baskets.

Nora Richard
Basket Maker

Nora Richard, a native of Richmond Prince Edward Island, is of Mi'Kmaq and Acadian decent. After raising her children, Norah became involved with her First Nation people. She found that she was drawn to native craft, particularly the art of basket making for which the Mi'Kmaq have been famous for centuries. In a few years Norah mastered the craft, developed her own distinctive style, and began designing unique new patterns.

Norah had the honour of designing and making three baskets that were presented to Prince William and Kate Middleton on their visit to Prince Edward Island. Norah has also designed some basket styles exclusively for our shop in Lennox Island. Norah says, "I am continually asking the Universe to grant me visions of very unique baskets that have yet to be made."

Walks in Forest
Traditional Weapons and Amulets

Walks in Forest creates his museum quality primitive art in the seclusion of a woodland camp, where he lives as self-sufficiently and close to nature as possible in this day and age. He acquires many of the materials needed to make his traditional weapons and amulets using the age old methods of hunting, trapping, gathering and trading.

Walks in Forest creates in winter silence using only materials from mother earth. All items in his collection, from the largest spear to the smallest arrowhead amulet, are imbued with the spirit of the forest. He is developing a classic tradition for generations to come.

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